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About Ourwork.Com.Ng

Ourwork.com.ng is a categorised business listing and digital marketing strategy toolkit for artisans(handcrafters) to showcase the portfolio of their products, services and skills set to the world through pictures. Ourwork.com.ng as a website/platform is to create a bridge between the local product creators and targeted audience and prospective customers bringing them together. We developed this platform to provide a community with over 10 categories of crafters and artisans to showcase their finished works like fashion design, bead making, shoe making, make-up artist and lots more using quality images.

Ourwork.com.ng is a friendly and conducive platform for our registered users to attract, grow and increase their clients and customer base. We provide other side services to help increase our registered users profile being visible on a wide range on the internet.

We provide the opportunity for our prospective users to register(for free), create individual and attractive profile, so as to be able to upload pictures of their works, input neccessary contact information for their prospective clients or customers to open a line of communication with our registered users.

On ourwork.com.ng, right from the Home page, our user's products and skills are been seen, giving them the opportunity to be seen without doing much.

We advertise and market on behalf of our users. We provide the following digital services; Social Marketing, Websites, Web & Mobile Apps, SEO Management, SEO Optimization, Bulk Sms Marketing, Email Marketing and many more offline marketing services.

Hot Post:

Based on the latest version of ourwork.com.ng, we have introduced a new feature on the platform called Hot Post. This feature is a direct marketing to our user's prospective clients. Each category have its own spot and only registered users can use this feature which is available at reasonable fee. To know more about Hot Post, please click here.

Ourwork.com.ng Stickiie adverts:

Stickiie ads is the advert section of ourwork.com.ng that advertises and markets on behalf of our users. Stickiie banner ads on ourwork.com.ng are banner slots for advertisment on ourwork.com.ng. Both registered users and non-users and guest viewers can advertise on ourwork.com.ng through the stickiie banner ads on any page. To know more about Stickiie ads, please click here.

Our Vision

To become a world class platform for small to medium scale entrepreneurs to advertise and showcase their skills and work(s) through classified image uploads and posts on the internet.


For Ourwork.com.ng build and develop itself as whole as a strong brand so as to be able to brand and rebrand our users from unknown small scale entrepreneurs to well to do and reputable brands.


Challenging, tasking and demanding from our registered users to be better each day at what they do.

Our Mission

To make online and digital advertisement pocket friendly for handcrafters in order to increase their productivity and become reputable brands.


To connect our registered users and their prospective clients and customers.


To increase our registered user's customer base, increase business visibility and patronage.


To leverage on the high multimedia advertising fees and expenses to provide world class services to small and medium scale enterprises.


To teach entrepreneurs and small scale enterprises modern day,simple and realistic business acumen.

Welcome To Ourwork.com.ng